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Cox Cookies & Cake

Patrick Cox opened a new venture in Soho on Tuesday. Cox Cookies & Cake takes the current trend for all things cup cake/indulgence and adds a big dose of Soho neon chic. The website as yet isn’t live but shows the intent with an animated neon identity, and thank goodness for a sign up form. The website is at www.coxcookiesandcake.com their Facebook page is here. Also on a cupcake note the Read more …

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The Luncheonette

The idea of the luncheonette (officially a long counter with stools where the patron is served from the other side of the counter) has always really appealed to me. The romance of solitude and a cup of coffee and eggs over easy. Whilst looking at John Wright’s photography site I saw luncheonette in the background of one of the shots. 2 mins of google searching later and I arrived at the All Star Read more …

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Found, antique, vintage etc.

There’s a growing trend towards individuality in larger brand retail taking after what’s been going in the leisure market for a few years. After all why design the same thing over and over again when you can do it differently every time. The modern globe trotting or even just city hopping person perhaps doesn’t want the same environment every time s/he visits the same brand. One way Read more …

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More Snog

I’ve writtten about Snog on here before and I must admit I keep coming back to it every time we look at a fascia on another job. So now here’s some more pics and even videos at Lighting which has an excellent write up about the lighting scheme. Also worth having a look at is their kiosk which opened in Westfield on Monday. Not many images online yet but no doubt they’ll start appearing Read more …

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I came across a couple of pictures of Danesi on Scott Hansen’s very fine ISO50 blog and it inspired me to look more into the Danesi brand. The first set of pictures shows the ‘dch’ (danesi coffee house)  concept, ” … a real tasting place to experience the original Italian espresso and distribute new “coffee culture” products; each one is located in large city centres.” What Read more …

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Up the Albion

Up the Albion

Here’s a newish caff, the Albion. Part of Terence Conran’s Boundary project. Continuing the trend of taking back Britishness from the far right, tea is served with crocheted tea cosy, cutlery in syrup cans and water in a tin pitcher. Definitely one to add to our next Retail Safari. On a more social media type front they use Baker Tweet to let their locals know what’s coming out of Read more …

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Retail Safari (part 6) – Liberty tea shop

And finally after all that pounding of the high street we badly needed a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake. Where better than the tea shop in Liberty.  Read More …

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