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Where’s your $300 million button?

Here’s a story well worth reading for those of you with ecommerce sites. Jared Spool from UIE changed the usual user/register button to be optional.

Annual Revenue increased by $300 million because customers would rather have the option not to register and just pay, rather like the High Street.

The best quote “I’m not here to enter into a relationship. I just want to buy something.”

adidas SLVR

Always had a soft spot for adidas, ever since the holdall and gazelle days of the 70’s to doing some work in Hong Kong for them what seems like many moons ago.

Anyway here’s a new spot for their SLVR range which launches in February courtesy of their PR machine. Do I detect a Levi’s/Herb Ritts influence in there from the early 90’s?

adidas SLVR Spring / Summer 2009 from adidas SLVR on Vimeo.

Shot by photographer Mark Segal and art directed by Pietsch Lim. Sound track by Say Hi to Your Mom.