The Google workplace

Some images from Google’s office in Zurich. I’m wondering if we could fit a cable car in to our office, hmm. This certainly looks like a place you’d look forward to on a Monday morning.

Originally from Swiss Miss where you can download the full pdf.

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  2. 2 Billy bob


  3. 3 marisa

    wow what an amazing design,,,,I hope I could build a nice work place like that…no more stress, itz a play ground 2 me…what an imaginative work place…great interior!!!!

  4. 4 Sarah

    whoa - I would LOVE to work there!

  5. 5 Shrads

    Oh My God…..thats surely the best place to work in the world…..what a relaxed atmosphere…but hey lets not forget its the breeding grounds for the best software guys in the world too….so not any tom dick n harry can get in…..

    welll done and lucky guys working for it …

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